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Cakra Alam on Asia Hebat TV3

cakra alam not considered in malaysia. cakra alam has appeared in on one of the tv3 show called “asia hebat”. the show featured all the amazing people in asia mostly in the south east asia region. in the video shown the amazing things that ust arief can do and the his ability to heal with his inner power strength. now cakra alam has been once become a nationwide issue as the video of a korean show accusing cakra alam has been practising “cheap magic tricks”.
judge by yourself (lu pikir la sendiri…!)

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the art of lying – body language

the video show how the body react when people is lying. the experts take the clinton’s sex scandal as example how clinton reacted when he made a statement denying that he had an affair with monica lewinsky.

Liars almost universally experience three psychological conditions:
1. Fear, misgivings, anxiety;
2. A strong desire to conceal the lie;
3. Internal conflict.

The intensity of each of these feelings depends on what he stands to lose if the truth is found out, and also on his moral conscientiousness level.

In this state of mind, the emotions will frequently leak, finding expression in micro-movements. The more of a conscience the liar has, the more anxious and the less skilled he will be – and the more indicators he will give.

Signs of Deception:
• Body Language of Lies:
• Emotional Gestures & Contradiction
• Interactions and Reactions
• Verbal Context and Content
• Other signs of a lie

Signs of Deception:
Body Language of Lies:
• Physical expression will be limited and stiff, with few arm and hand movements. Hand, arm and leg movement are toward their own body the liar takes up less space.
• A person who is lying to you will avoid making eye contact.
• Hands touching their face, throat & mouth. Touching or scratching the nose or behind their ear. Not likely to touch his chest/heart with an open hand.
Emotional Gestures & Contradiction
• Timing and duration of emotional gestures and emotions are off a normal pace. The display of emotion is delayed, stays longer it would naturally, then stops suddenly.
• Timing is off between emotions gestures/expressions and words. Example: Someone says “I love it!” when receiving a gift, and then smile after making that statement, rather then at the same time the statement is made.
• Gestures/expressions don’t match the verbal statement, such as frowning when saying “I love you.”
• Expressions are limited to mouth movements when someone is faking emotions (like happy, surprised, sad, awe, )instead of the whole face. For example; when someone smiles naturally their whole face is involved: jaw/cheek movement, eyes and forehead push down, etc.

Interactions and Reactions
• A guilty person gets defensive. An innocent person will often go on the offensive.
• A liar is uncomfortable facing his questioner/accuser and may turn his head or body away.
• A liar might unconsciously place objects (book, coffee cup, etc.) between themselves and you.
Verbal Context and Content
• A liar will use your words to make answer a question. When asked, “Did you eat the last cookie?” The liar answers, “No, I did not eat the last cookie.”
•A statement with a contraction is more likely to be truthful: “ I didn’t do it” instead of “I did not do it”
• Liars sometimes avoid “lying” by not making direct statements. They imply answers instead of denying something directly.
• The guilty person may speak more than natural, adding unnecessary details to convince you… they are not comfortable with silence or pauses in the conversation.
• A liar may leave out pronouns and speak in a monotonous tone. When a truthful statement is made the pronoun is emphasized as much or more than the rest of the words in a statement.
• Words may be garbled and spoken softly, and syntax and grammar may be off. In other
words, his sentences will likely be muddled rather than emphasized.Related Books:

Other signs of a lie:
• If you believe someone is lying, then change subject of a conversation quickly, a liar follows along willingly and becomes more relaxed. The guilty wants the subject changed; an innocent person may be confused by the sudden change in topics and will want to back to the previous subject.
• Using humor or sarcasm to avoid a subject.

Obviously, just because someone exhibits one or more of these signs does not make them a liar. The above behaviors should be compared to a persons base (normal) behavior whenever possible.

youtube video

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Cakra Alam on 360 show TV3

as you can see on tv3, the 360 show aired the interview session with ust arief the owner of the cakra alam that has been accused cheating in his medical session by a korean tv show.
in this tv interview he denied that he cheat in his medical session.
by the same time the tv3 360 crew insist to him to do the demo for the same act in the korean tv show but he refuse to do so.
hmm.. fishy..
why he don’t want to clear up what has been accused to him in the first place for good.
the presenter of the show mazidul akmal sidik said earlier in show that the viewer should be the jury for this issue.
hmm.. more suspicious..
if you notice the video that ust arief did “touch his nose” during the interview session. according to body language this shows that the person is lying.
hmm.. coincidence? (or his nose is really itchy, i don’t know. you be the judge)
anyhow, our main concern is to know the truth, nothing but the only truth.

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Blogging Code of Ethics

Image :

blog is consider one of the most effective way to communicate dan convey views and thoughts. to some, blogging is no more considered as a hobby or an activity just to fill up their past time. some considered as a full time job to blog just like a full-time journalist.

therefore as a blogger, to abide these code of ethics is compulsory. as blogger is no different to a journalist. blogger is fully responsible to what has been written or reported by him/her.

Here is the journalist code of ethics (extracted from Society of Professional Journalists: Code of Ethics):-

1) Seek Truth and Report It
Journalists should be honest, fair and courageous in gathering, reporting and interpreting information.

2)Minimize Harm
Ethical journalists treat sources, subjects and colleagues as human beings deserving of respect.

3)Act Independently
Journalists should be free of obligation to any interest other than the public’s right to know.

4)Be Accountable
Journalists are accountable to their readers, listeners, viewers and each other.

Society of Professional Journalists: Code of Ethics
Download a printable copy [PDF] from Society of Professional Journalists: Code of Ethics

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Bapa mertua Siti Nurhaliza meninggal dunia

takziah buat siti nurhaliza dan suami atas berita pemergian ayah mertua siti.

Source :

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michael convert to islam?

the king of pop, michael jackson has been reported converted to islam. he  changed his name to Mikaeel. if this really true. good for him. hopefully this is not another hollywood drama.

Google Search Result

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Rahsia Cakra Alam Terbongkar

kalau korang da pernah tgk video pendedahan ini. mesti korang terkejut macam aku. aku dapat tahu pasal ni daripada salah satu rakan blog aku walaupun video clip tu dalam bahasa asing (bahasa korea kot), tak perlu alih bahasa kerana “picture tells a thousand words”. aku rasa pendedahan ini perlu, dapat menyedarkan masyarakat akan penipuan yang dijalankan aoleh pihak cakra alam. dalam masa yang sama aku rase malu dan sedih apabila pendedahan itu dilakukan oleh orang luar bukan islam. ini sudah tentu menyebabkan mereka memandang serong terhadap islam. orang islam yang bersembunyi disebalik islam dan menjual nama islam untuk tujuan keuntungan. inilah akibat apabila agama dijadikan modal untuk berniaga. akhirnya agama islam mendapat nama yang buruk. “akibat nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga”.

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kerusi.. oh.. kerusi..

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kerusi itu aku yang punya
kerusi itu bukan kau yang punya
orang itu kata ini
orang ini kata itu
mari kita lawan satu lawan satu
biar ahli yang tentu
samada kau atau aku
yang layak duduk disitu

-pcuserz 2008.11.22

ps. semakin dekat dengan mesyuarat agong semakin banyak ‘drama swasta’ yang terjadi. 🙂
pss. jgn sampai memakan diri memalukan bangsa memusnahkan harapan semata2 merebutkan ‘kerusi’ yang satu

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Under Pressure

“A diamond is a chunk of coal that is made good under pressure.”

malay translation “Berlian adalah arang yang di bawah tekanan tinggi” (correct me if i’m wrong here)

as the quotes said, it takes a great pressure to make a precious diamond. without the pressure the diamond is just a common coal. same goes to us, pressure can be a good motivation for us to achieve our goals in our daily life.

so if u happend to be “under pressure”, look at the brighter side. take it as a motivation to drive you further.

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PLUS tawar diskaun mulai 1 Januari

Source :

10% discounts only apply to off-peak hours (12am~7am).
it could been better if during normal or peak hours.

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Harga petrol, diesel turun lagi

Source :malaysiakini

Thank god! the price is going down again. although 15cents. it is good enough for me. hopefully it doesn’t stop here. down. down. down.

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Cute Food!

just look at those cute foods! how possibly you eat those cute little ones?

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Obama presiden baru Amerika

america now has a new elected president. barack obama wins the presidential election by 297 votes compared to john mccain 145 votes. the minimum votes needed to win is 270 votes.

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concept sketches.

front view

rear view.

bmw x6 in action

superb engineering.

the new BMW X6. perfected from its predecessor X5. more smooth curves also similar to the porsche cayenne. simply a great SUV!

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