as you can see on tv3, the 360 show aired the interview session with ust arief the owner of the cakra alam that has been accused cheating in his medical session by a korean tv show.
in this tv interview he denied that he cheat in his medical session.
by the same time the tv3 360 crew insist to him to do the demo for the same act in the korean tv show but he refuse to do so.
hmm.. fishy..
why he don’t want to clear up what has been accused to him in the first place for good.
the presenter of the show mazidul akmal sidik said earlier in show that the viewer should be the jury for this issue.
hmm.. more suspicious..
if you notice the video that ust arief did “touch his nose” during the interview session. according to body language this shows that the person is lying.
hmm.. coincidence? (or his nose is really itchy, i don’t know. you be the judge)
anyhow, our main concern is to know the truth, nothing but the only truth.