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Calling all photographers – KL PhotoAwards 2009

Calling all photographers

PETALING JAYA: Show off your photography skills by participating in the KL Photoawards 2009 for contemporary portraiture.

The contest, organised by Time Out KL and its partners, is open to all photographers — professional and non-professional. Participants are invited to submit up to six images.

The main prize for the professional category is US$3,000 (RM10,500) and a trophy while for the non-professional category, the main prize is US$1,500 (RM5,250) and a trophy.

There are two runner-up prizes in each category.

Portraits submitted by the top 40 finalists will be displayed in a public exhibition at the Annexe Gallery, Kuala Lumpur in May.

The deadline for the contest is on Mar 1, 2009.

For more information, visit or e-mail Steven Lee at
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ps.: be there or be square!

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Geng The Movie Feat Upin & Ipin

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palestine – cartoonkini

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Inside Israeli Bomb Shelters

An Israeli boy walks into a bomb shelter in the southern city of Ashkelon January 4, 2009. Israeli troops and tanks split the Gaza Strip and ringed its main city on Sunday in an offensive against Hamas that has killed 500 Palestinians, including a growing number of civilians. Hamas kept up rocket attacks against southern Israel, defying efforts by the Middle East’s most powerful army to achieve Israeli leaders’ declared aim of removing the threat of cross-border salvoes. REUTERS/Amir Cohen (ISRAEL)…read more

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enjit-enjit semut

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Botnet Tool to Support Israel’s Offensive

Israel supporters respond to the cyber-attacks launched by Islamic hackers through DDoS. A group of students have developed an application that allows Israel sympathizers to use their computer resources and Internet bandwith in order to knock Palestinian websites offline.

The online group calling themselves “Help Israel Win,” is distributing a Trojan-like application that enables them to launch DDoS attacks. Installing this program onto a computer will turn it into a drone, and will place it at the disposal of the hacktivists. What differentiates this tool from regular malware is that the installation is performed voluntarily by individuals who sympathize with Israel’s efforts. …read more

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With yet a long way to go until June, the wheels of the campaign for what is poised to become this summer’s blockbuster, “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” have already been put into motion. After the shots we got to see a few days back, we now have the first teaser poster for the much hyped sequel, courtesy of Yahoo!.

Of course, this being a teaser poster, not much can be said on the subject, except that it’s what it is and nothing more. However, it is pretty clear that what the movie studio will be attempting with this second installment of the successful “Transformers” franchise is to play more on the dark side of the story we once knew. Judging only by the teaser and what we already got to see in other shots, the sequel will presumably be more somber than the first film, more threatening and double as explosive – literally. …read more

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Palestinian Supporters Hack NATO and U.S. Army Sites

The cyberwar between hackers supporting the Palestinian cause and their Israel sympathizing counter-parts continues. After compromising thousands of Israeli websites, the Jihad attackers have moved on to targeting high profile sites that belong to the U.S. military or NATO.

Four websites belonging to the United States Army’s Military District of Washington (MDW-currently offline), have been defaced by a Turkish hacker affiliated with a group called “Peace Crew.” The attacker, who identified himself as Agd_Scorp, has posted threatening messages in English. “Stop attacks u Israel and USA! You cursed nations! One day Muslims will clean the world from you!,” the pages displayed.…read more

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Open Gaza Border Now! –

In London on 2nd January people demonstrated outside the Egyptian Embassy to show their disgust at Mubarak’s role in the on-going genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza and to demand the opening of the Rafah crossing.

Evidence shows Egypt’s total complicity with Israel on the attack on Gaza. Less than 48 hours before the attack Israeli Foreign Minister Livni met with Mubarak in Cairo to co-ordinate the attack in the hope of finishing off Hamas. Mubarak has sealed the border shut and with helped Israel destroy the tunnels which were a life line to Gaza. Mubarak’s Foreign Minister Abu al-Gheit has even said he will break the bones of any Gazans attempting to escape in to Egypt.…read more

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When in a tight spot, Cristiano Ronaldo invariably escapes with a burst of speed and flash of his extraordinary footballing skill.

This time, however, even the flamboyant Manchester United star would have been grateful for simply being able to walk away in one piece.

His relief at emerging unhurt from a crash which wrecked his 200mph Ferrari will have been matched by manager Sir Alex Ferguson, who must have feared the worst when he heard his £60million-valued World Player of the Year had been in such a spectacular smash. …read more

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headphonies – cool speakers

The Headphonies are the perfect choice for those who are looking for a special accessory to accessorize their portable music players: miniature speakers that look like toys, coming in multiple designs and colors, and most likely capable of pleasing everybody. Instead of passing the headphones from one person to another when you want to share some music with your nearby friends, just plug your stereo jack in the Headphonies and enjoy louder, crisp sound.

Thanks to their small dimensions, these devices are perfect to carry around, no matter whether you’re thinking about stuffing one in your pocket, backpack, or in your traveling bag.…read more

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sony ericsson xperia x1

Key features:
Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support plus HSDPA 7.2Mbps
3-inch 65K-color WVGA touchscreen
Qualcomm MSM7200 528 Mhz CPU and 256 MB DDR SDRAM
3.15 MP auto focus camera with VGA video recording
Four-row full QWERTY slide-out keyboard
Wi-Fi and built-in GPS receiver with A-GPS
X-Panels interface
Optical trackpad
Exquisite and solid metallic body
Standard miniUSB port and Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP
microSD memory expansion
FM radio with RDS
3.5mm standard audio jack
MS Office Mobile document editor
Opera 9.5 web browser
Excellent video playback performance
Superb audio quality

Main disadvantages:
Body is a bit on the bulky side
User interface is hardly thumb-optimized
Mediocre camera performance
No built-in accelerometer
Poor display sunlight legibility
Records low quality VGA@30fps video in 3GP format
No TV-out port
No full Flash support for the browser (hence no full-featured YouTube)
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Rumored since late last year, the S121 netbook has finally made its debut, courtesy of its creator, the Taiwanese manufacturer, ASUS. The company has just announced the new 12-inch netbook, coming to provide its users with a staggering 512GB of storage space on a Flash-based SSD. According to ASUS, this is the first netbook that can deliver the incredible 512GB SSD, offering both a high-capacity storage solution and a higher level of performance. In addition, when showcased, the ultra-thin light netbook was featured with Microsoft’s highly anticipated Windows 7 operating system. …read more

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Nokia E63

Key features:
Quad-band GSM support
3G support
Landscape 2.36″ 16M-color display of QVGA resolution
Symbian 9.2 OS, S60 UI with FP1 (sprinkled with some FP2)
369 MHz ARM 11 CPU and 128 MB of SDRAM
2 megapixel fixed focus camera with LED flash
120 MB of internal memory, microSD expansion
Standard 3.5mm audio jack
Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP support
microUSB v2.0
FM radio
Comfortable full QWERTY keypad
Convenient shortcut keys
Provider-independent VoIP support
Office document editor
Nokia Maps
User-friendly Mode Switch for swapping two homescreen setups
Great battery life
Remote Lock and Wipe feature
One-year free subscription for Files on Ovi

Main disadvantages:
Poor camera performance
Video recording maxes out at QVGA@15fps
No RDS in the FM radio
3.5mm jack protective bud is not attached to the body
No USB cable in the retail package
No preinstalled games at all
Nokia E63 is undoubtedly a trimmed-down version of the E71 and almost a return to the E61i roots – with a 2 megapixel camera and no built-in GPS receiver. Well, the camera of the E71 was largely disappointing in the first place plus, an external Bluetooth GPS receiver is always an option, so we hardly count these as serious drawbacks.

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