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Free Ericsson Laptop

today i received this email from my fellow friend.
below is the content of the email.

Re: Free Ericsson Laptop

Dear all

Ericsson is distributing free laptops for their brand promotion. They hope to increase their popularity and sale by this campaign. All you need to do is send an email about this promotion to 8 people and you will receive an Ericsson T18 Laptop. However, if you send an email to 20 or more people, you will receive an Ericsson R320 Laptop.

Make sure you cc to Anna at Ericsson so that she will know you have sent the e-mail.

from the sound of it.
i believe it is too good to be true.
i do not know any of the company who is offering free stuff from this kind of method.
but, still people love free stuff. (me too!)
to me, it seems like an email pranks especially to this “Anna at Ericson”.
i am sure her inbox will be filled with this email. tons of it.
ps.: sory to be “Anna at Ericson”

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tofu, banana & cucumber; what did they have in common?

The level of erection hardness is measured in a scale of one to four using the Erection Hardness Score (EHS) developed by the European Association of Urology.

“Level one is like tofu where the male organ is large but not hard, level two is similar to a peeled banana where it’s not hard enough for penetration, level three is like an unpeeled banana where it’s hard enough for penetration but not completely, and level four is similar to a cucumber where it’s completely hard and fully rigid,” explained Dr King.
… more

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Malaysians not so hot in bedroom
The soft findings in sex survey
Pfizer Launches New Diagnostic Tool for a More Focused Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

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financial issue

the last posting about sembang komputer need sponsorship due to his financial issue has come to the end.
finally he got sponsor from lot of generous blogger who willingly to help sembang komputer.
this show how a good blog or website who contribute good information and knowledge as sembang komputer had a strong supporters. supporter who not willing to lost another good blogger.
good jobs to MK (owner of sembang komputer)!
keep on your good work!
to all blogger who had contribute, well done!
malaysia boleh
ps.: how long this economic recession period will last?

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Community Service : Sembang Komputer

Mencari Penaja Untuk Sembang Komputer
19 February, 2009 (01:31) | Sembang Editor | By: MK
Dukacita dimaklumkan, hosting bagi Sembang Komputer telahpun mencapai tarikh luput. Sembang Komputer dan Forum SK hanya mampu bertahan untuk dua atau tiga hari lagi sebelum digantung. Malangnya, saya mengalami sedikit masalah kewangan pada bulan ini dan tidak mampu untuk memperbaharui hosting.

Saya sangat mengalu-alukan jika ada mana-mana pihak yang sudi menghulurkan sumbangan dalam bentuk wang ringgit, supaya blog ini terus hidup. Sedikit pun jadilah.

Jika ada yang sudi menaja sepenuhnya hosting Sembang Komputer untuk satu tahun (kira-kira RM 130), pautan kepada laman web anda akan diletakkan pada blog ini selama setahun.

Sekiranya ada yang sudi, hubungi saya di sini

tolong menolong amalan mulia!

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i got my own domain!
now you can access by blog thru my brand new domain or at the good old
ps.: dear reader, do you have your own domain?

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jail house rocks!


‘Jail is just like being on holiday’: Killer boasts on Facebook from his prison cell
LONDON, Feb 18 – A convicted killer has boasted on Facebook that being in jail is like being on holiday.

Ashley Graham even put up a picture of himself on the social networking website “relaxing” in his cell.

The 27-year-old is serving life at HMP Lindholme in South Yorkshire for stabbing a man through the heart.

But he manages to access Facebook every day by using a mobile phone that was smuggled in to the jail.

The killer’s boasts are likely to reignite claims that prisoners enjoy an easy life in Britain’s jails.

In one update Graham wrote: “HMP (Her Majesty’s Prison) Holiday’s a place where men can come for a nice relaxin break from their moanin women and crying kids. No stress just rest.”

Astonishingly his friends on the social networking site agreed.

read more:
malaysian insider

ps.: they really spoiled by peoples’ tax money.
pss.: how do they do it? (smuggle the mobile phone into the BIG house)

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and the winner is EXORA !

PENGERUSI Proton Holding Bhd., Datuk Mohd. Nadzmi Mohd. Salleh (dua, kiri) dan Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir (dua, kanan) bersama Norsholihan Abd. Eanich, Ros Hamdi Ismail (kiri) dan Rashidi Tokiman (kanan) semasa majlis pelancaran nama Proton MPV di Sunway Resort, Petaling Jaya, semalam.
picture & caption : utusan

‘Daripada jumlah itu, 39 penyertaan yang serupa menamakan Exora telah diterima tetapi hanya tiga pemenang utama dengan cogankata terbaik yang berasaskan kepada cogankata kenderaan itu sahaja akan dipilih,” jelasnya.

Pemenang utama peraduan itu ialah guru pelatih Institut Perguruan Darul Aman, Jitra, Norsholihan Abd. Eanich, 29, dari Changlun Kedah yang akan membawa pulang sebuah MPV Proton Exora pada hari pelancaran kenderaan tersebut pada bulan April ini.

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Proton Exora The MPV Protnon will launch!/
Exora nama MPV Proton
MPV Proton dinamakan Exora
Exora: Proton labur RM450 juta
Proton Targets 3,500 MPV Units Monthly Production

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No. 1 on Google Search!

click here to view Google Search Result : ayah siti nurhaliza meninggal dunia

although this was her father-in-law (datuk k’s father) passed away news last year.

ps.: takziah for siti nurhaliza on her father passed away news

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Bapa Siti Nurhaliza Meninggal Dunia

SITI Nurhaliza melihat jenazah bapanya dibalut dengan kain kafan di rumahnya di Bukit Antarabangsa, semalam. pic source :

Bapa Siti Nurhaliza Meninggal Dunia
KUALA LUMPUR, 15 Feb (Bernama) — Bapa artis wanita paling popular Datuk Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin, meninggal dunia akibat sakit jantung di Hospital Pakar Ampang Puteri di sini hari ini.

Tarudin Ismail, 67, dimasukkan ke hospital berkenaan Jumaat lepas untuk menjalani pembedahan pintasan jantung dan tidak sedarkan diri sejak itu.

Suami Siti, Datuk Khalid Mohd Jiwa ketika ditemui pemberita di hospital tersebut berkata Tarudin telah lama mengalami masalah jantung dan dinasihatkan menjalani pembedahan pintasan jantung.

Selain masalah jantung, Allahyarham juga menghidapi penyakit kencing manis dan buah pinggang. Allahyarham rebah di bilik air dan dibawa ke Hospital Pakar Ampang Puteri Jumaat lepas di mana pembedahan pintasan jantung dilakukan, katanya.

Tetapi selepas pembedahan itu, Allahyarham koma dan disahkan meninggal dunia pada pukul 11.50 pagi ini.

Jenazah akan dikebumikan selepas solat Maghrib di kampung Allahyarham di Kuala Lipis, Pahang hari ini.

Turut hadir menziarahi jenazah ialah Yang Dipertua Negeri Melaka Tun Mohd Khalil Yaakob.


read more: : Bapa Siti Nurhaliza meninggal dunia : Bapa Siti Nurhaliza Meninggal Dunia : Jenazah Bapa Siti Nurhaliza Disemadikan : AYAH SITI NURHALIZA MENINGGAL DUNIA

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XO Kiss & Hug – Google Doodle

Google Doodle today.
Still in the Valentine’s mood.
Lot’s of Kisses & Hugs.


I watched Melodi on TV3 just now.
The Melodi’s host; Fara Fauzana & Wahid announced that siti nurhaliza’s father; taruddin had passed away this morning at 10.40am.
To Siti & family, be strong.


Another google doodle artwork.
Love birds – sweet & simple.


More Love Please – Free Love In Times Square

Free Love In Times Square
Looking for “love” in the big city? Look no further than the Crossroads of the World, as the Times Square Alliance unveils “LOVE in Times Square”, a public art project featuring 15 unique banner designs by 12 top graphic designers and illustrators. Each banner utilizes the word “LOVE” in a strikingly different typographic treatment, as each artist brings their personal interpretation to the word.…more

this really shows your love.

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Love Is In The Air Square

Two Tons of Love in Times Square!
This Valentine’s Day, millions of New Yorkers and tourists looking for love in the big city need look no further than the Crossroads of the World, as the Times Square Alliance unveils “Valentine to Times Square” a new temporary sculpture at the foot of the sleek red glass steps on the newly-redesigned Father Duffy Square (between 46th and 47th Street, Broadway and Seventh Avenue). The sculpture will be on display from February 13th to February 22nd. …more

come on show me some love!

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