today i received this email from my fellow friend.
below is the content of the email.

Re: Free Ericsson Laptop

Dear all

Ericsson is distributing free laptops for their brand promotion. They hope to increase their popularity and sale by this campaign. All you need to do is send an email about this promotion to 8 people and you will receive an Ericsson T18 Laptop. However, if you send an email to 20 or more people, you will receive an Ericsson R320 Laptop.

Make sure you cc to Anna at Ericsson so that she will know you have sent the e-mail.

from the sound of it.
i believe it is too good to be true.
i do not know any of the company who is offering free stuff from this kind of method.
but, still people love free stuff. (me too!)
to me, it seems like an email pranks especially to this “Anna at Ericson”.
i am sure her inbox will be filled with this email. tons of it.
ps.: sory to be “Anna at Ericson”

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