got this email from a friend of mine;

No such things as freebies these days my friends.
It seems too good to be true.
Check out these links:
SonyEricsson: Hoax Competition Email

the Ericsson T18 and Ericsson R320 are cell phones, not a computer.
Moreover, it’s a discontinued model.
Again, the Ericsson R320 is a cell phone, not a computer. And discontinued, to boot!
What gives? The email above is slightly revised version of a nine-year-old hoax promising free phones to frequent forwarders. Though the phrase “computer laptops” has been substituted in the newer variant to reel in more suckers, evidently the anonymous prankster who revised the original couldn’t be bothered to change the model numbers of the supposed promotional items.
The email address to which copies of the forwarded message are supposed to be sent,, is a corruption of the address specified in the 2000 version of the hoax (, which, of course, was never valid in the first place.
Excerpt from :

ps.: Nice graphic work anyway.
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