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Mac Laptop Transformers

wish that i have one of that. (and hopefully it will not runaway)
cool animation!

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Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky (Russian????? ????????? ???????????Igor’ Fjodorovi? Stravinskij) (17 June[O.S. 5 June] 1882 – 6 April 1971) was a Russian composerpianist, and conductor, widely acknowledged as one of the most important and influential composers of 20th century music.[1][2][3] He was a quintessentiallycosmopolitan Russian who was named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people of the century.[4] In addition to the recognition he received for his compositions, he also achieved fame as a pianist and a conductor, often at the premieres of his works.

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Upin Ipin Angkasa 2011

they are back!
the cute twin are back!
but in space. hmm..
how about that?
i will definitely cannot wait long for that.
2011? oh, man…
credit to

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Apple iPhone at US$99

SAN FRANCISCO: Apple Inc. slashed the entry price for an iPhone in half and lowered some laptops by $300 Monday, the company’s first dramatic price cuts since the recession began a year and a half ago.

With co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs absent until his medical leave is over at the end of June, Apple’s biggest unveiling at its annual conference for software developers was a new model of the iPhone, the 3G S.

It looks the same but sports a faster processor, longer battery life, an internal compass, a video camera and a photo camera with better resolution and auto-focus.

A 16-gigabyte version of the 3G S will cost $199 and a 32-gigabyte version will be $299.

The 8-gigabyte iPhone 3G, which came out last year, now costs $99 (RM350), instead of $199.

When the iPhone debuted two years ago, eager Apple fans had to shell out $499 for a 4-gigabyte version and $599 for 8 gigs.
Read more : Apple iPhone at US$99 RM350?.

will you buy an iPhone then?
at this price I do!

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MyCause Photography Contest

The power to make a difference is in your hands. Take a photo to help get up to RM 100,000 for a cause of your choice.

Help CIMB Foundation empower people to build better lives for themselves. Just photograph a cause on community development, sports or education – and tell us why it deserves a helping hand.

The winning cause in each category will receive up to RM 100,000. You could be rewarded too. Competition closing date is 31st July 2009.

Website: MyCause Photography Contest.

How to Participate?

  1. Find a worthy cause, and snap a photo of it. Or snap 5 photos of it.
  2. Register for the competition. [register here]
  3. Give the cause a title, and write a short description of it.
  4. Upload your photos and you’re done.

What are the judges look for?

All entries will be scored on the photos (80%) and description (20%).

The best photo submitted will be judged based on its:

  • originality
  • composition
  • exposure
  • ‘impact’
  • aesthetic quality
  • framing
  • ability to portray the needs of the cause
  • and consistency with the Contest and the Foundation’s 3 pillars.

The description should be original and concise. It should describe the cause and tell a compelling story.

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Susan Boyle Last Performance

Susan Boyle last performance on Britain’s Got Talent.
although she did not win the competitions, she has secured a record deal with judge Simon Cowell.
Good luck Susan![source]

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It seems that our favourite participant Susan Boyle did not make it to the top.
She lost to a street hiphop dance-troupe called the Diversity Dancers. (See Video) [source]

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Countries that are Least Affected by Recession.

This world map shows a list of countries that are considered least affected by the global economic crisis.

world map of recession proof countries

Australia takes the top spot followed by China with India and Singapore in equal third place. Qatar is the only gulf nation that figures in this “relatively” recession-proof list.

The data is based on the results of a business confidence survey that was done on international business people of 24 nations to identify which countries they believe are surviving the crisis the best. More on Herald Sun and Servcorp, the company that commissioned the survey.

The countries perceived to be surviving the economic crisis the best, as voted by international businesspeople are:

country ranks on recession scale

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