world wide webtraffic jam? i am not talking about traffic jam of course! traffic is something that all web content developer is concerning for decades. the more traffic a.k.a visitor is coming to your site the more popular your site is. there are lots of way to attract traffic to site. you can start google it here.

one of the newest trend it direct navigation thru web browser. the concept is simple. really simple. for example, is you like to about elephant. just directly type at the your browser and puff the information you need is there! and if you like to know about traffic just type or if you like to mix them up you just type Elephant Traffic. 🙂

As this trend continues to take hold what do you think the major companies will do? Well word has it that they are buying up the better names out there. I suggest reading up all about markets and developing a strategy that allows you to capitalize on all available trends out there. so all th best and good luck!