Sick bags at the ready for one of the cheesiest wedding proposals ever caught on camera.

An American guy pops the question at Disneyland by performing a surprise musical number.

He springs the show on his girlfriend while walking along Disneyland’s Main Street at the Florida park.

He must have spent weeks preparing the routine, which also includes singing from so-called members of the public who are clearly in on the act.

But if you think this fella’s proposal is outlandish, get weddy for an even bigger sensation at the ceremony with the new craze for marryoke.

It’s the art of performing a favourite song to camera on your wedding day with the help of bridesmaids, ushers and guests.

Newlyweds Andrew and Caroline Caotes from Dewsbury, Yorkshire made a splash at their rain-soaked do by performing Enchanted movie hit That’s How You Know.

The video became a YouTube hit and countless other loved-up couples have made a song and dance of their big day too. via [source].