CCTV_SIGNThe high demands for office and Home Security Systems increases as the crime rates are increases tremendously. The effort of crime preventions technologies these days are confronted by  high tech of crime preventions and surveillance. There are many tools and devices are use for this purposes. One of the popular solutions are using CCTV Cameras and CCTV Recorders.

In case you are about to choose you security systems. Here are some tips on choosing the best security systems for your office and home:

1. Camera Resolutions

The resolutions of camera must be compatible with your monitor resolutions. otherwise the images will end up blur. But higher resolutions images needs higher storage capabilities.

2. Power Supply

Normally the security systems are powered by your premises’ power supply but in case of power failure,  backup power supply such as backup batteries are very important in order to maintain the security systems integrity.

3. Wiring

There also wiring options of wireless or wired connectivity between the systems. The best options are wired type because of less maintenance required compared to wireless systems.

3. Recording Storage

Some systems offers using a computer to store the video surveillance. but the best options are standalone recorders as it is easier to operate and it has much more robust capabilities.

4. Locations

Camera must be positioned in a strategic locations in order to get the best security coverage and prevented “blind spot”.

5. Additional Security Devices

Some security systems are combine together with other security devices such as power failure alarm, fire alarm, motion sensors, auto trigger flood lights, night recording capabilities and also wireless GSM connections. These features will increase the security level of your premises.