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Google Development History

A short and brief history of Google Development in 2 minutes and 13 seconds.
Developed by a googler of Google’s London Office in celebration of Google’s 11th Anniversary in last September 2009.

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1st Anniversary


Today celebrates it’s 1st anniversary!

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Optimization or SEO in short basically is method of making your website appear on top of the first page of the Search Engine Result Page or SERP in the internet search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! and many more.

The objective is whenever a internet user search a certain keyword in the search engine. Your website URL will appear on the first page. Therefore, the possibility of user click and visit your website URL is higher whenever you website URL is appear on top of the list. The higher rank of a certain website the higher it get to be on top of the list on the first page of Search Engine Result Page.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best way to gain traffic to your website. The more frequent your website URL appear on the first page of the Search Engine Result Page, the more traffic you will get. There are many search engine optimisation website you can choose to improve your SEO or SERP ranking available today. The best way is concentrate on a particular search keyword related to your website niche that will lead user to your website for better search result.

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Smells Like Teen Spirit

Breitling WatchIf you have been keeping up with news from the world of horology you will be aware that a lot of changes have occurred recently. The high standard of the current range of replica fake watch has come as a shock to those working for the big names (Breitling replica). The designer watch industry has always been aware about increasing improvements in the replica watch market, but recent improvements have taken almost everyone by surprise. Insiders claim that those responsible for marketing the original watches are running around like headless-chickens and unable to mount any effective response to these new upstarts.
While most in the industry have been caught off-guard by the quality of the replica fake watch, others had predicted the day arriving. For years these people were considered crazies by many in the horology business and viewed much the same as the conspiratory theorist is viewed by many in the wider society. Well these mavericks were proved correct and today the industry is facing its biggest competition to date. The current batch of replica fake watch are almost impossible to differentiate from the more expensive time piece.
There is no sign that this assault on the designer watch industry is going to let up. Many people refuse to feel any sympathy for the fat-cats in Switzerland and elsewhere. It is true that their product was exorbitantly priced for years and their current refusal to reduce prices seems a bit reckless. The replica fake watch is unlikely to sink the designer watch market because there will always be those willing to pay the full-price for a product. What will happen though, is that the fat-cats will have to be satisfied with a far smaller size of the cake.

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Vehicle Tracking Technology

vehicle tracking

With advance of today innovation and satellites’ technology, vehicle owner now can track their vehicle through the Global Positioning Satellites or in short GPS. This technology has been in market for a quite some time but yet not so many people used it widely in their daily life.

Peoples are normally use the GPS systems just to get from one place to another place. This is known as GPS navigation system. The system tells you where you are and where you suppose to go next. But not many people aware of another benefit of the GPS system, that is Vehicle Tracking system.

The vehicle tracking system use the same principal as the navigation system. They used the same GPS satellites technology to track down your GPS receiver in your vehicle. The only different is the system did not require to tell you where you suppose to go next. The main purpose is only for tracking or detecting where you are.

This technology is widely used in the car and automotive industries for tracking down stolen car. Once the owner reported stolen car, the tracking vehicle service provider will activate the GPS tracking is the car remotely and the satellite will started to track down the stolen car instantly. When the system located the car, police authorities will be inform to track down the culprit. Then the stolen car can be safely returned to the owner.

Another usage of the vehicle tracking technology is used in the transportation and haulage business where business owner can track and optimize their trucks usage from time to time. This can achieve by monitoring the location that causing delay in the deliveries. Once the commonly caused delayed spot are detected. The company planner can re-route their truck journey to avoid any delay and can improve their on-time delivery.

Yet, there are so many GPS vehicle tracking packages available in the market. Prospect buyers are advised to review packages in order to get the best GPS vehicle tracking packages.

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WASHINGTON — More than half of US companies do not allow employees to visit social networks such as Facebook, MySpace or Twitter while at work, according to a new survey.

Fifty-four percent of the chief information officers (CIOs) for 1,400 companies surveyed across the United States said workers were “prohibited completely” from visiting social networks while on the job.

Nineteen percent said employees were allowed to visit social networks “for business purposes only” while 16 percent said they allowed “limited personal use.”

Ten percent of those surveyed said there were no restrictions on visiting social networks at work.

The survey of 1,400 companies with at least 100 employees was released this week and was conducted by an independent research firm for Robert Half Technology, a California-based provider of information technology professionals. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.6 percent.

Dave Willmer, executive director of Robert Half Technology, said “using social networking sites may divert employees’ attention away from more pressing priorities, so it’s understandable that some companies limit access.

“For some professions, however, these sites can be leveraged as effective business tools, which may be why about one in five companies allows their use for work-related purposes,” he said. – AFP


Barcode – Google Doodle

it been a while google has not come out with a doodle.
today google is barcode.
i think it spell g-o-o-g-l-e in barcode.

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rolex_submarinerThe Rolex Submariner watches Replica are wonderful timepieces designed in the same manner as the original Rolex Submariner brand which is one of the best models of the Rolex brand. The very first Rolex brand came into being through the ingenuity of the famous watch dealers known as Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis who came together in the year 1906 with the sole aim of inventing a world wide watch brand. Their dream later come true as they began by establishing a small watch firm with their names: ‘Wilsdsorf & Davis’. Later on the desire to excel made them to register the brand with a new name known as ‘Rolex’ as a Trademark in the year 1908. This also marked the establishment of the famous Rolex Company.

The Rolex Company as at then was known for its dexterity in the production of quality Rolex models. The same trend is still on in the company as it has continued to produce quality models of the Rolex brand which are usually very expensive as they are being produced with quality raw materials. This high cost nature prompted the introduction of the Replica Rolex version which also comes in various categories. Among the major Replica categories of the brand are the ones known as Rolex Submariner watches Replica.

The various models

The Rolex Submariner watches Replica version come in various models as seen in their original counterparts. The major ones include: the Rolex Replica Submariner Small Size Crown collections, the Rolex Replica Submarine Large Crown versions, the Rolex Replica Submarine Chronometer collections and so many other Replica models. One thing is sure, in all of these models of the Rolex Submariner watches Replica version; the main features seen in the original versions are also seen in them in very glaring manner. This goes a long way to showing that the Rolex Submariner watches Replica collections are carbon copies of the original versions which they seek to imitate in every way.

The Rolex Submariner watches Replica collections are known for their wonderful stainless steel bracelets. Many of them also come in gold bracelets, while few others are also made with the Italian quality leather straps. All these make the Replica watches very unique like the originals.

The Rolex Submariner watches Replica versions are also known for their wonderful glossy mineral crystal glasses that are very scratch-free. These make them to be glistering all the way. There are also the logos of the Rolex Company in all the models of the Rolex Submariner watches Replica versions. These logos make them look exactly like their original counterparts.

The Rolex Submariner watches Replica versions are also known for their durability. The watches have real time second hand values. This makes them to be worthy gift for any body celebrating any form of events such as birthday, wedding anniversary and so on.

In all, the Rolex Submariner watches Replica versions are real top timepieces that are very reliable and very functional.

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Internet Business Directory

internet business directory

In the emerging of computer edge era. The flipping of a telephone business directory such as yellow pages is a thing of the past. The introduction of the world wide web, WWW or the internet makes business opportunities become more vast and not constraint by the geographical boundaries. Now, small or big business owner or service provider can expand their business worldwide, where there is internet connections, they can reach their future buyers or customers.

This also will benefit consumer or customer where they can choose and browse through not only thousands but millions of goods suppliers or services providers. They can choose the best prices and services just in the comfort of their homes.

For the business owner, the first thing to do is to get their brand’s name listed in Domain Name Directory. It is like the list we saw in the yellow pages that listed all the brand’s or company’s name.

More and more of internet business directories created to cater the needs of both customer and business owner. Now, they are more targeted to local community or country. For example, the UK Business Directory will ensure the messages or products that the business owner is trying to sell focused to the UK group of people.

And for those who are living in UK, if need the web hosting service provider you can browse through the list in the Web Hosting Directory UK, where you can choose from thousand or maybe million of choices of the web hosting service provider that available in UK.

It is very common that many business owner used this method to boost their sales and increase their profit through the internet business directory.

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Web Hosting Packages

web hosting

There many type of web hosting available in the market provided by many of the web hosting company. Here some of them; Dedicated Web Hosting, Shared Hosting, Blog Hosting, and Video Hosting. Between those, only two popular types that mainly used; Dedicated Web Hosting or Shared Hosting.

Before you started to make any Web Hosting Comparison for you to choose. First, you must know your needs. Whether the site you are developing require very high bandwidth and storage or just for a simple site or blog that only require average bandwidth and storage.

If you the site you are developing require very high bandwidth and storage, the Dedicated Server package is the best for you. Meanwhile if you plan for a simple site or blog that only require average bandwidth and storage, you should choose the Shared Hosting type.

For a simple blog site, there are 4 items that are really essential for you, they are: cPanel. This is an interface for you to maintain your blog. Fantastico. This is auto-installations script that generate automatic installation in just a few clicks. Multiple Domain Hosting. This feature is suitable if you planned to have more than one domain one your domain. Customer Service. A good web hosting must always comes with a good customer service that guarantee fast feedback for every comment or complain by clients.

If you are an internet or online enterprenuer you are surely required Ecommerce shopping cart feature on your server. This will be benefit for those who have online store that require secured online transactions and purchases, multiple payment options, product reviews, real-time inventory, express checkout and many more feature offered for your online store.

For more understanding of these many types of web hosting packages, you can make a research by yourself on the internet through many of the Web Hosting SO Blog available online. This will sure helps you understand more of the web hosting that you will choose later.




Craigslist is a list of local classifieds and forums that contains jobs vacancies, home stuffs, buying goods, finding date partners nd just about everything you can think of. You can even search for new electronics gadgets in the Craigslist Gadget sections.

Craigslist was founded by a Case Western University graduate, Craig Newmark in the year 1999. But the history goes way back from the 1995 when he was working in a company named Schwab. Where the craigslist started just as a email mailing list among his friends about things and activities happened in San Francisco Bay Area.

Today, Craigslist has established itself in almost 570 cities in 50 nations worldwide as a service provider in classifieds ads, especially in the jobs vacancies sections. You can browse through the internet for more detail about Craigslist or you can search for a Craigslist handbook available online. This will ensure you will get the most out of the Craigslist. So, what you waiting for? Go search in the Craigslist.

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