mobile video provider

Today latest gadget’s prices such as handphone and handheld devices has been reduced significantly as the new technology advances. This is due to the technology has made the price reduced by increasing the efficiency of production capabilities. Although the price is reduced but the features and the capabilities of the devices had been increased.

Today handphone are equiped with operating systems such as Blackberry, Palm, Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android and so on. There one similarity between those operating systems, that is most of them are capable to record and playback videos with 3GP or MP4 video formats. Handphone user also have the privilege to playback video from many online mobile video provider available on the internet.

With the advance of video format codecs that enable large and long duration of video recorded required only small amount of storage spaces with less video loss quality. Normally with low compression video will required large amount of storage meanwhile high compression required less. The disadvantage of high compression video is the video quality. So the balance between low compression video with high quality video is very essential for such as video format.