server virtualization technology

What is server virtualization? Sound very difficult to understand but it is actually the idea behind the big words is very simple. As today technology progress the server virtualization technology is a very popular solutions for many data center management companies. The idea is server virtualization enable you to run different operating systems on a main operating system on a single physical server by partitioning the server into virtual machine or virtual server.

What is the benefits of running server virtualization? First it can remove server sprawl; physical space in the data center is regained. Secondly it can lower in hardware maintenance expenses because of the number of physical servers had been decreased. Third; continuously scale and maintaing the infrastructure based on different requirements. Fourth; increased efficiency while running a seamless with high quality user experience. Fifth; increased performance and resource optimization. Sixth; rapidly provisioning of new services. And last but not least, seventh; speed up develop and deploy applications while avoiding downtime due to outages or maintenance windows.

The system is run and maintain by deploying virtualization software such as VMWare, Windows Virtual Server, XenSource. The server virtualization can improve your work efficiency for your company.