Twitter. What is twitter? People started to use twitter in their daily lives. So what is twitter? Twitter is short messaging services that required submitter to submit entry that less than 140 characters in length. The messages are also called tweets normally represents what is the submitter thinks or what are they are doing at the moment. This messages that has been submitted can be read through the world wide web or internet. You can also be a follower for certain popular people. In this can you can keep up to date what ever the people are doing.

News provider also uses twitter as one of their medium to their viewers or readers. As example you can follow twitter such as Jordan Times Twitter that provided by Jordan Times. They tweets middle east news and events that happening there. To get their news you just simply browse to and type Jordantimes as your keyword. And the latest news from the middle east is in front of you. Very simple isn’t it?

There millions of possibilities that we can think of using twitter. The functions is endless. From micro blogging, chatting, news, entertainment, public messages and event big player in the business has been started to use twitter to promote their services or their products through twitter.