swap watch phone

The sWap is mainly watch what looks like a watch, a bit larger than most watches, but there is a secret. The watch is also has its very own original and innovative mobile phone with a variety of functions that are most phones, including camera, music player, etc. This watch is reminiscent of something from the arsenal of secret agents in some respects, because it hides that is a very good phone.

The whole concept is made possible by recent advances in technologies that provide the components smaller and smaller. This phone is extremely small, but manages to provide functions and features that are available on the phone twice its size. For example, the phone comes with a 1.5-inch TFT touch screen display. This creates the impression that all angles have been discussed and planned within this stylish phone.

The phone offers opportunities for the use of video camera and 1.3 megapixel camera, which is of sufficient quality to take good quality photos and video material, which can be reproduced at any time of the TFT. In the entertainment element of the phone is provided by the MP3 player, which accepts all major audio file formats to ensure fewer problems when playing downloaded music. Storage memory is incredibly huge 512 MB, which for a phone of this size, only shows how technology has advanced in recent years in the mobile phone. The memory can be expanded to an impressive 2 GB with microSD slot available.

The sWap watch phone is a miracle of today’s latest technology that both features can be combined in a gadget that can be wear on your wrist is simply amazing. For many, one might expect that lack of physical size affect the availability of functions and features, but this is not the case with this phone. Contains all functions that are available in many other phones, but only in a smaller package and with a style of script big.