Cable boxes are free to air cable boxes, meaning they get free to air channels such as Starview Box. User can view hundreds of channel available without to pay any fees compared to satellite, cable tv or payperview tv.

But there is another way that you can enjoy free tv is by using Satellite TV software. This software allows your PC or laptop to transmit live television channels using the broadband network without any hardware. A more realistic since it without installing hardware or other device on your desktop. You can choose from up to 3000 international channels in different languages to view. The good thing about this is that it make full use of the internet as a means of transmitting video, means that is reliable and can use it anywhere is a connection, even WIFI or wireless internet.

If you prefer to watch cable TV on your big screen LCD or plasma TV, you can connect your PC or laptop to the tv using a VGA connection. Best of all, all these methods come only with a single charge. For PCTV cards, you only have to pay hardware. If you are using satellite TV software, you also have to pay only the software. You can watch thousands of channels of live TV, anywhere in the world, as long as you want, free charge.