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Digg : 5 Years in 5 Minutes

14 Million Stories,
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What justhost offers?

JustHost is one of the top web hosting providers in the industry. Justhost offer unlimited features and equipment, including disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, the ability to host unlimited domain name and domain for free. You will get a clean website features and direct interface that makes maneuvering simple enough. In addition, you only need to make the registration process is easy to become their customers. This company has provided products and website hosting services for more than 10 years at an affordable price. You will learn more if you read the JustHost reviews.

Packages that are offered by JustHost packed with many advantages. You can get a free domain name. This is a much requested feature. So, if you sign up for their hosting package, then you will get a free domain name for life. If you choose Premium plan, then you will receive 3 offers domain name totally free of charge. Also, you do not need to worry if one day you want to update your domain. Host is responsible only to renew your domain name so that you can maintain your web site’s identity. You can find that JustHost web hosting company has quality service and affordable prices. All those plans are backed with 30 day warranty.

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Using the static site could actually represent many problems. To display the contents of a datafeed in place, you have to create all pages one by one. Here is another problem when it comes to to update with the latest products datafeed or modify site design.

Some problems with datafeeds really can be solved using custom application development software. The software can help you create many pages automatically, depending on the content of a datafeed file. Unfortunately, we have to load all web pages to the hosting server.

Dynamic web pages can help overcome these problems. Activities such as adding and updating data can be easily, because all data is stored in a (MySQL database for example). This means that when you want to update the content of your site, simply drive data stored in the database. Datafeed database file can be used to export, update and add more pages.

The actual work is done by the server script written in n PHP, ASP or Perl where the elements are stored on the database where the website is build. PHP, ASP or Perl codes fetchs data directly from the database and display that in its pages.

What happen when you wants to change the design of your website such as introduction of the AdSense code on each page? Again with a dynamic site you can easily do. You only need to deal with the templates of your site. A change that that could affect the design of each page.

In order to use dynamic web sites, you must have the at least one server side script to build a dynamic site a hosting site that supports the script.

With the script on the server side to create a dynamic site. You can buy the script, hire a custom development professional to create or even building itself. While learning to create a dynamic the site is a challenge, but eventually you will be able to personalize the site in its own direction. Some hosting companies have even and a remedy provided for building dynamic websites just a few clicks. It could be very useful especially if not want to put their efforts in programming.

Although the hosting site that supports the script will the hosting service meets your requirements script. What kind of programming language and Internet support for the database? What Version? Do it needs a joomla custom development services? Remember observe other requirements such as provider allows you to access the file. htaccess or install additional modules.

Dynamic sites really can save your valuable time and effort in building and maintaining their sites. You can change your design and content easily at any time. Dynamic website with dynamic content appears to be the future of the Internet.

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Blue Ray Disc Technology

Blue Ray disc technology, derives its name from blue laser used, on the other hand, the technology used on DVDs use red laser color to read and write data, video, audio or information instead. And because it’s so popular, is now you can use these discs with the most advanced CD and DVD players set the time that has compatible with optical drives that are needed to play them.

Blue Ray disc technology delivers blue you do are shorter in wavelength than the red used in DVD, and therein lies the secret of their high definition accuracy. This means you can pack more data less space, resulting in a much larger capacity in a single disc.

It took years of research to reach this amazing technology. These advances have state of the art allowed an increase in data storage capacity of 500 percent in the DVD. A double layer DVD can store up to 10 gigabytes of information. However, a double layer Blue Ray drive can store 50 gigabytes of data.

Users who switch to Blue Ray disc technology will benefit huge storage capacity. You can store over 20 hours of standard video compared the dual-layer discs Blue Ray, or just under five hours on high definition data. In other words, only one of these disk can replace five DVDs.

This state of technology has the additional advantage definition audio and video quality, which means that can have the pleasure of the highly sophisticated image sound delivery. Although technology may appear a bit pricey, the quality of images and sounds obtained will agree that it’s worth the money spent.

Currently, many electronics companies are first using Blue Ray disc technology for a wide range of uses, including consumer electronics, personal computers, music and video games. Therefore, you can be sure of seeing much most of them in the near future.

Blue Ray player is revolutionizing the way we do many things, to watch movies play video games. It pays more information about this technology because Some predict that one day replace the current use DVD and CD for storing electronic data. And really hard to beat the quality of audio and video Blue Ray offers. Many online websites offer Blu Ray player ratings. All you have to do is browse the internet and just Click here.

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Digital Video Camera Evolution

High Definition (HD) video cameras are essential to make a great success in the video scene. Decades ago, this technology was only a dream. For someone to shoot on site, he needed a large camera and a film in hand. In the early 1980s you need to hold the video camera with both your both hands due to its size and weight. There is no easy way if you want to record something instantly.

Today all you need is a camera in hand and read the instruction manual. Today, HD Video cameras are used in everyday life such as children’s birthday party. Video cameras are ideal for shooting the videos you want use the internet to promote your site or product selling online. Video camera virtually makes anyone into a movie producer. Of course, you want have the best picture possible when using the video camera if you are shooting something for posterity. Nowadays everyone has a digital camera and they all have video, depending on memory size card and recording HD video is as easy as a touch of a button.

You can find many online classes on how to use your video camera in the best way possible. There are classes that are can take in community colleges so you can become a expert with the video camera. Just because it’s easy use does not mean that you will create a great film. However, if you are a family man and I just want great memories that will last for the future get a small compact high definition of the camera and start recording today. High definition cameras are increasing in numbers and prices are falling too. They are compact and light weight ease of use much more pleasant and friendly.

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Good Website Tips

Designing a site structure is certainly not an easy task, but very important for a freelance web designer to succeed on the World Wide Web. Website design plays an important role in attracting more traffic to a website. It addresses customer needs immediately and effectively. A well-designed site with the latest trends and functionality can also get a good ranking in search engines without using any search engine marketing services.

Only a qualified freelance website developer and experienced and skilled designer can design a good site. The designer should have a good understanding of the color scheme, the flow of navigation, links and images. Here are some quick tips for creating effective yet great design website:

Space. It is important to avoid the overflow of content and images on a website. Adequate space should be given to make the page look more elegant and easy to use. Photos and graphics that the page looks messy. Use appropriate text to make your page look attractive and informative.

Avoid Heavy Graphic. A Web site should not have large files and graphics, it would reduce the loading time of the page. This is important because visitors have less time and not stay long and wait for the page to download. Also a freelance web designer should check the website at different screen resolutions and browsers.

Color Scheme. Make attractive site design for the web designer must use the correct colors and images in combination with others. A site layout should provide the refreshing sensation to the eyes. There are many tools in the palette of colors available online that can help you find a designer and the right combination of colors that are looking for.

Simple Navigation. It is important for a selection of design for the navigation and consistency on every page. The links should not be filled or placed incorrectly. A good navigation and simple, he always helps the user to find what you’re looking for.

Fonts Selections. The fonts are another important aspect of designing a good website design. Select fonts and simple type that can easily be translated by their potential customers. Also maintaining the coherence of the whole site that makes the content readable for the target audience.

Consistency. Be consistent with almost all web pages. Keep the same size and type, navigation menus, headers, color, etc. Having a good look and feel to your website can improve their reading. Use a design element in all web pages.

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Directory Submissions

Directory submissions plays an important role in making a good back link to a site. Although it sound easy it might be,but if it is not done correctly, chances that you will not able to complete directory submission is great.

There are two types of way of directory submission available today. Manual Submissions and Automated Submissions. With Manual Submissions you are required to submit your site manually in each directory in your desired category. While automated directory submissions is using software to do what manual submissions did. The software will submit your site to a list of directories. Initially, it will asked details about your site, such as title, description and URL, email address and start uploading your site.

The advantage of using automated software is that it is fast compare to the manual. Although it may take at least 15 days to submit your site to directories of 1000, while using the software will not take more than an hour to do. This is the presentation that some people prefer more automated manual filing.

Although most are fast, but still SEO link building companies choose not to, due to because it has many problems associated with it where some of the areas where could not compete with the manual submissions.

Submission Guidelines: Directory submission software does not read any of the guidelines provided and they easily violate the rules. Each directory has its own set of regulations that each person should read before submitting a website.

Category: Software always calls for a category before initial submissions. However, if the software can not find a appropriate category in a directory, it will ignores and choose another directory. While in the manual submissions, a person leaves a directory if could not find a category you want, the person will try to find a proper directory for it. Using the manual submission, one thing is sure that if you want your site submitted to 100 directories, your site will definitely will be submitted. For example, a website design for small business will definitely goes in to a proper directory for it such as website developer or website design category.

Approval: Although automatic submissions is quick, but the approval rate in the directories is low compared manual submissions. The reason is that the automatic submissions do not take time to analysis a website. It is not like manual submissions that takes time to review a site and then submit it to a proper directory which will leads to a fast approval rates.

Automatic submissions can be easy and quick but when the efficiency and effectiveness of the submissions to the directory is concerned, manual submissions is much better than automated submissions. Nevertheless, if you prefer the automatic way, make sure that the software reads the rules directory submission with care.

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IT Support Essential

When you started your business are the chances that we learn very fast the things that we were good at and things that needed help. This learning process is part of the experience of most small business owners and is important for an employer to recognize their strengths and weaknesses. Instead of trying to do what the smart entrepreneur will concentrate on its core strengths and looking for talented individuals who can take the simplest tasks of managing the business.

The same strategy can be used when it comes to IT services and computer support. As a the owner, you could spend the whole day chasing up and down the office and trying your best to solve computer problems. Or on the other hand you sit back and relax while you can focus on managing your company to do better. Which option sounds more appealing and more profitable for you? Using a quality provider of IT support that can allow others to tackle these routine programs and hardware problems.

Good computer support services can help your employees be more productive and that productivity growth may increase profits for your business. You can hire your own team of IT support professionals to manage its network and help their employees with hardware and software problems. This approach may be a waste of money and resources, since these workers do not have enough work to keep them busy. When you consider that employees are generally very well paid, you can see how this strategy can eat the profits of your business. IT consulting professionals are serious professionals and expect to be well paid for what they do. While this may be fair to them, place a huge burden on small business. By hiring a technology company to provide quality support team that needs your company can avoid these unnecessary costs and still receive the support and protection they need.

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Make Money by Selling Hosting

It is true that you can make money by selling hosting? Surely yes, it is possible, but you must consider the cost of participation in reality. This process involves a user who becomes a host without having to invest in major equipment or major infrastructure. Moreover, this new host does not know much about the mechanics of Internet communications.

Basically, this scenario you are selling a professional web hosting services company as its own. This process is also known as private labels. You is not so much as a webmaster you are a reseller. One might compare this type of business to become an affiliate or even a franchise store. The web hosting company will give you a discount on their services and expect to sell to others. You’re not technically a branch because they are doing in their own benefit and not to inform the company. You are not a franchise, because they give nothing to the store from his father. Instead, you are selling a product (ie, web space) for a price that you set.

You need to make some investment of money, since you do is buy all that space on the web that you will hire, and a power of the owner. Must exempt know however, that investment costs are minimal. Some reseller hosting plans starting as low as $ 20 per month. You can see why that plan would be profitable because there are huge startup costs.

What are some ways that people can make money by selling hosting? The companies creating and selling on auction sites like eBay, have proven effective. Law blogs are hot now and thus offer blog hosting services dedicated also have been paid. Really no limits to what could market this opportunity!

Compare Web Hosts is a network of initial reception of web hosting directory offering accurate and unbiased reviews. You can find the best price for web hosting, Linux hosting and windows hosting that using cpanel hosting easily online at your fingertips.

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Today Google’s Doodle is cool!
As today is the birthday of Sir Isaac Newton, they featured an animated Google Doodle which is a falling apple.
The apple fall down from its branch and bounce twice before stopping.
Read more about Sir Isaac Newton from wikipedia.

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Comparing VPS and Dedicated Server

Virtual Private Server or VPS and Dedicated Server seem have a lot in common between each other. But what do they different from each other? Although VPS is much cheaper compared dedicated server. Comparing these two type of hosting can help you choosing the best web hosting decision for your website.

Objectives. You must make sure that you are very clear about their your objectives to have a hosting and you must have a very clear plan for it. Once you know the objectives of the site, it is much easier to make a clear decision. For a static sites, its do not need a VPS or a dedicated server. Unless you want to host hundreds of sites, a shared hosting account will be good enough. But if you build a community-based or site based, will the need for a VPS or dedicated service.

Controls. Both VPS and dedicated hosting gives you total control of your server. As an administrator, you can customize your hosting environment. You can not do this in a normal shared hosting server environment.

Features. Both types of accommodation gives you a fixed amount of server features. These resources (ie RAM and hard disk space) assigned to your account, and are for you only. In a shared environment, resources are shared. Therefore, some sites tend to load slower on a shared The server even if only a static site. Other sites may be using some resources. In a VPS or a dedicated server will not have this problem.

Differences. VPS resides on the same server, but is actually a virtual server. This means that there is no physical server is available. On the other hand, VPS is partitions using sophisticated server software. VPS operates and functions as a separate server, but in reality is still a shared server literally. A software is designed to be able to isolate the server in different compartments so that it does not affect the other processes.

Conclusions. Obviously, having a dedicated server ensures that your site is more scalable. Of course, if your site is never intend to reach that stage, accommodation in a dedicated server would be a waste of resources. Most web sites require only a shared server or VPS server. Community sites are becoming more popular, a dedicated server is a necessity. You can subscribe to a cheap vps hosting account, and managed dedicated server migrate to an environment dedicated to your website becomes popular.

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Happy New Year 2010!

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