Virtual Private Server or VPS and Dedicated Server seem have a lot in common between each other. But what do they different from each other? Although VPS is much cheaper compared dedicated server. Comparing these two type of hosting can help you choosing the best web hosting decision for your website.

Objectives. You must make sure that you are very clear about their your objectives to have a hosting and you must have a very clear plan for it. Once you know the objectives of the site, it is much easier to make a clear decision. For a static sites, its do not need a VPS or a dedicated server. Unless you want to host hundreds of sites, a shared hosting account will be good enough. But if you build a community-based or site based, will the need for a VPS or dedicated service.

Controls. Both VPS and dedicated hosting gives you total control of your server. As an administrator, you can customize your hosting environment. You can not do this in a normal shared hosting server environment.

Features. Both types of accommodation gives you a fixed amount of server features. These resources (ie RAM and hard disk space) assigned to your account, and are for you only. In a shared environment, resources are shared. Therefore, some sites tend to load slower on a shared The server even if only a static site. Other sites may be using some resources. In a VPS or a dedicated server will not have this problem.

Differences. VPS resides on the same server, but is actually a virtual server. This means that there is no physical server is available. On the other hand, VPS is partitions using sophisticated server software. VPS operates and functions as a separate server, but in reality is still a shared server literally. A software is designed to be able to isolate the server in different compartments so that it does not affect the other processes.

Conclusions. Obviously, having a dedicated server ensures that your site is more scalable. Of course, if your site is never intend to reach that stage, accommodation in a dedicated server would be a waste of resources. Most web sites require only a shared server or VPS server. Community sites are becoming more popular, a dedicated server is a necessity. You can subscribe to a cheap vps hosting account, and managed dedicated server migrate to an environment dedicated to your website becomes popular.