Directory submissions plays an important role in making a good back link to a site. Although it sound easy it might be,but if it is not done correctly, chances that you will not able to complete directory submission is great.

There are two types of way of directory submission available today. Manual Submissions and Automated Submissions. With Manual Submissions you are required to submit your site manually in each directory in your desired category. While automated directory submissions is using software to do what manual submissions did. The software will submit your site to a list of directories. Initially, it will asked details about your site, such as title, description and URL, email address and start uploading your site.

The advantage of using automated software is that it is fast compare to the manual. Although it may take at least 15 days to submit your site to directories of 1000, while using the software will not take more than an hour to do. This is the presentation that some people prefer more automated manual filing.

Although most are fast, but still SEO link building companies choose not to, due to because it has many problems associated with it where some of the areas where could not compete with the manual submissions.

Submission Guidelines: Directory submission software does not read any of the guidelines provided and they easily violate the rules. Each directory has its own set of regulations that each person should read before submitting a website.

Category: Software always calls for a category before initial submissions. However, if the software can not find a appropriate category in a directory, it will ignores and choose another directory. While in the manual submissions, a person leaves a directory if could not find a category you want, the person will try to find a proper directory for it. Using the manual submission, one thing is sure that if you want your site submitted to 100 directories, your site will definitely will be submitted. For example, a website design for small business will definitely goes in to a proper directory for it such as website developer or website design category.

Approval: Although automatic submissions is quick, but the approval rate in the directories is low compared manual submissions. The reason is that the automatic submissions do not take time to analysis a website. It is not like manual submissions that takes time to review a site and then submit it to a proper directory which will leads to a fast approval rates.

Automatic submissions can be easy and quick but when the efficiency and effectiveness of the submissions to the directory is concerned, manual submissions is much better than automated submissions. Nevertheless, if you prefer the automatic way, make sure that the software reads the rules directory submission with care.