It is true that you can make money by selling hosting? Surely yes, it is possible, but you must consider the cost of participation in reality. This process involves a user who becomes a host without having to invest in major equipment or major infrastructure. Moreover, this new host does not know much about the mechanics of Internet communications.

Basically, this scenario you are selling a professional web hosting services company as its own. This process is also known as private labels. You is not so much as a webmaster you are a reseller. One might compare this type of business to become an affiliate or even a franchise store. The web hosting company will give you a discount on their services and expect to sell to others. You’re not technically a branch because they are doing in their own benefit and not to inform the company. You are not a franchise, because they give nothing to the store from his father. Instead, you are selling a product (ie, web space) for a price that you set.

You need to make some investment of money, since you do is buy all that space on the web that you will hire, and a power of the owner. Must exempt know however, that investment costs are minimal. Some reseller hosting plans starting as low as $ 20 per month. You can see why that plan would be profitable because there are huge startup costs.

What are some ways that people can make money by selling hosting? The companies creating and selling on auction sites like eBay, have proven effective. Law blogs are hot now and thus offer blog hosting services dedicated also have been paid. Really no limits to what could market this opportunity!

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