The last 3 decades were the warmest in the period history. This is mainly due to human activities asked the strength of carbon emissions into the air. As a result, the air warms, weather patterns change drastically, and the natural cycle of the environment is disrupted. , All in all, this is called global warming.

Global warming has caused debates in the last 20 years, But recently, when everyone can experience first hand the effects of this phenomenon, we are beginning to take actions.

In 2007, an event called “Earth Hour began in Sydney, Australia. Sponsored by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund), time on Earth is held every last Saturday of March calling on all households and businesses to close non-essential lights and other appliances for 60 minutes. This is to raise awareness of people the effects of climate change and the realities of warming. Several nations, followed by Sydney , Conducting Earth Hour takes it as an annual event. So switch off your light for 60 minutes today beginning 8pm.