Apple launches the iPhone on the world market in 2007 and the 3G version in 2008. The iPhone is a revolution in cell phone industry. The sophistication and general technological advances offered by the iPhone is the second none. The iPhone won praise around the world the smart phone industry.

The Pros:

Storage Space. The iPhone has a huge storage capacity of 8 GB capacity. In fact, a 16 GB version is in the tube.

Design. The iPhone dimensional measuring 115.5 mm x 61 mm x 11.6 millimeters and weighs only 135 grams. This makes it a elegant looking gadget. The iPhone has a liquid crystal the display and touchscreen HVGA. It is easy to interact with the iPhone using bare hands in a virtual keyboard.

Internet. E-mail, web browsing and Wi-Fi or Connectivity GSM / EDGE services are very necessary provided by an internet connection on the iPhone. Safari referred to the web browser on the iPhone. Unique sites for iPhone have been created to attract users.

Multimedia. A library of music is very sophisticated embedded within the iPhone. Endless movies and shows can be enjoyed on the iPhone. A link to iTunes shop let you download the latest songs easy. YouTube videos can be viewed on the iPhone.

Camera. The camera function is out of this world. The image quality is amazing. User can upload, view photos and email to addresses of your choice.

Ring Tones. The user has the autonomy to create and customize a touch of choice. You also have the option of any downloading ringtones from the iTunes Store.

The Cons:

E-mail. The user has to open the mail program at a time you want to check the mail. An automatic notification not available on the iPhone. This inhibits the effectiveness to access emails.

Bugs. Being technologically complex are available many mistakes and errors. The touch screen sometimes not not respond and there are faults in the system. Hackers have found a way to unlock 3g iphone and access the information on an iPhone.

Lack basic services. There is no option to cut and paste iPhone. Provision for and MMS delivery reports are also lacking. These are the basic services of a cell of phone not provided for the iPhone.

Overpriced. The main disadvantage of iPhone is its exorbitant price. The iPhone costs about $500 to $600 that makes it not easier to buy for the normal customer.


The final verdict is a bit difficult to follow. The option to buy the iPhone is based entirely on the needs of the user. The screen, excellent large and bright beautiful photos and videos are a great attraction for the iPhone. Spelling and self-correction and a dynamic dictionary text entry for an easy job.

The role of visual voice mail allows the user contact and play any message that is displayed. At the same time, It’s hard to get used to the complexity of a virtual the keyboard, and use your fingers skillfully in order to navigation. AT&T’s telephone network is not very healthy. No wonder iPhone user prefer using iPhone unlock software. Navigation is difficult and very expensive.