Many people think about their personal safety in their homes, night time, but forget to think about office security. At the office, workers are vulnerable to external attacks, former employees and dissatisfied customers. More typical species of the office of violent theft, verbal fights and sexual assault, while physical violence is still possible.

Communicate with other employees is crucial when it comes to collecting your personal safety. If you work in an office with others, you must have a plan, maybe even a password, so an employee can call security. Always lock your office door if you are not there even when people in nearby offices, and do not forget to lock your computer when you leave to prevent unauthorized access.

Security cameras can prevent theft and assault, especially when they are explicitly placed around the office. The area is open to customers or other visitors, you can create a small sign on your security system, even if you do not have.

If you work in an office, you may already be aware of the specific risks in your business. The fact is, some sectors are more prone to these events than others, but no industry is completely safe from violence. Whichever sector can be a good customer service policy actually go a long way toward preventing squabbles with unhappy customers.

Criminal activities can take place anywhere and anytime, including offices and other commercial businesses, homes and outdoors. By keeping your personal safety in mind where you’re going, you can be prepared for these opportunities. Whether your office is protected by guards or not, the personal safety of every employee shall be ensured by using mace, placing dummy cameras, bear spray, personal alarms, pepper spray and other devices.