Madrid is located in the heart of the peninsula at an altitude of 646 meters above sea level. With a population over 3 million people, the city has assumed gigantic proportions as a cosmopolitan city known for its tourist attractions. It hosts the headquarters of public administration, government, the Spanish parliament as the house of the Spanish royal family. Madrid is the center for banking and industrial sectors in Spain. A central element of culture Madrid is its intensity. In addition, artistic activity and the vibrant nightlife add to the charm of this beautiful capital.

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Madrid City is home to a number of gardens and museums, an absolute delight to visit. Jardin Botanico Botanical Gardens will fascinate tourists with its splendid collection of about 30,000 different species floras collected from around the world. The Museum is located beside the Prado Museum has several sections that are divided by magnificent avenues of trees. Every tree and plant here has a label from the Latin name and species. Visitors should note that the museum is open daily from 10am hours to 8pm.

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