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Opening Ceremony

Today, February 12, 2010 is the opening day of 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. To commemorate the occasion, Google logo on the home page was changed. This not the first time Google changed its logo, reflected the special festive occasions or holidays that have a large appeal.

The Olympics is one of those times when you might be the has athletes descending on the Canadian city all areas of the world. Google Logo arrives today complete with the five Olympic rings, the symbol of the games. In addition, you can see a stylized version of the site (BC) opening location taking place both in substance are the mountains of Vancouver.

Another symbol of the Olympic Games shows introduced the new logo is the Olympic flame, which is replace the L in Google. What is remarkable is This new logo also has the entire width of the screen. This game 21 years mark the event being held every four years since 1924. In 2006 was held in Turin, Italy and for the next 2014 will organize in the city of Sochi, Russia in 2014.

Let’s see all expected events and competitions, including the figure skating, sledding, skiing, and probably one of the points, if not the highlight, hockey.


Pairs Skating



Ski Jump


Ice Dance

Freestyle Ski




Closing Ceremony

Click Here to See Olympic Event Schedule and Results

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Man United moans, Barca celebrates

Barcelona’s supporters celebrate in Barcelona after their team defeated Manchester United in the Champions League final soccer match. — Reuters

ROME, May 28 — Manchester United’s dreams of becoming the first club to retain the Champions League, and Sir Alex Ferguson’s hopes of becoming only the second manager to win the European Cup three times, were burnt in the heady heat of an exhilarating display by Barcelona as Ferguson was left to rue the fact that too many of his big-name players failed to perform on the night.

Ferguson also bemoaned the “shoddy” defending that had handed Barca their opening goal from Samuel Eto’o in the first half, which set his team back so dramatically, with Lionel Messi adding a second to end any hopes of a United revival in the 2-0 result.  “Credit to them the better team won,” Ferguson admitted. “There is a disappointment in the performance and some individuals will feel that themselves.

“We have done well to get to the final, we had to win it to change the pattern of teams defending the trophy. With the players we have we expected better, but losing the first goal was decisive and we could not recover from that.

“It was a killer for us, it was their first attack. We were looking confident and bright but got nervous. After that goal we had plenty of time to recover and had some half chances in the second half. But we were beaten by the better team.

“We were not at our best after the first goal. The disappointment was not using the ball better when we had possession. It could be it was an off-night, it could be that it was too big a hill for us to climb.”

Ferguson continued to pay tribute to Barcelona, who have completed a remarkable treble of the Champions League, the Spanish league and the King’s Cup.

“If you analyse the teams we have played then you have to say they are one of the best,” Ferguson said. “It’s a credit to them that they have pursued that philosophy and have never changed.”

United will stand accused of negative tactics but Ferguson claimed this was not deliberate, even if he attempted to nullify the threat of Barca’s midfield. “Getting the ball was difficult,” he said.

United captain Ryan Giggs admitted his team had been second-best. “At times Barcelona can make you look silly because they keep the ball so well,” he said. “We said whoever turned up on the night would win and that proved to be the case. They turned up and played some great football, we didn’t really. I think if we had gone a goal ahead we are capable of keeping the ball like they are. But they deserved it tonight.”

Wayne Rooney added: “It’s disappointing, but I thought Barcelona were the better team tonight and deserved to win. They scored a good goal early on and Messi’s was a great goal at a difficult time for us. They deserved to win.

“I’ve never played against a better team than Barcelona. They’re a brilliant team. Iniesta is the best player in the world, he’s incredible.

“We’re still a young team and can come back I hope. We’re very disappointed tonight, but can still look forward to next season.”

Cristiano Ronaldo could not hide his disappointment afterwards. “We did not do well — the tactics were not good. Everything went wrong.”

Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola said: “I’m leaving, I’m leaving tomorrow, right away. I can’t do anything else. I’m delirious. We are not the best team in Barcelona’s history. But we have played the best season in history.” — Daily Telegraph

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Paragliding Accuracy World Cup Jugra 2009

Location : Jugra Hill, Banting, Selangor, Malaysia [click here for event’s detail]

Date : 29-Apr to 4-May 2009 [click here for detail schedule]


read more :

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Coolest Ping Pong Match Ever!

i’m not sure wether they are playing this for real tournament or just for fun or for an exhibition show.

but it sure really cool!

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