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ever wonder how to get a firm mouth and a slim face line ?
It called the “Slim  Mouth Piece” (pronounced  SURIMU-MAUSU-PISU in Japanese).
A japanese company, NOBLE Cosme Manufacturer has come out a device priced at 893 yen (RM33) believe can get a firm mouth and a slim face line by only expanding and contracting your face muscle.

It also comes in three types of strength.

read more:
Noble : Slim Mouth Piece (Japanese)
Noble : Slim Mouth Piece (Tranlated in English)

ps.: really admired the ingenuity of the japanese’s  inventions.

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Earth Hour Moments

Earth Hour Logo by Earth Hour Global.

it has been awhile since the Earth Hour Campaign.

only today i manage to post my Earth Hour Moments pics.

pic 1: just after we switched off the light to show that we care and we vote for earth.

pic 2:  my friend and i having good time together. me? 2nd from the left.

pic 3:  more picture of my friend and i having good time together.  good stuff, huh?

ps.: care for others as you care for yourself.

pss.: something to cure your monday’s blues.

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Beauty is Nothing Without Brains

yeah. it’s true.

i cannot agree more with it.

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The Matrix Spoof : Windows vs Ubuntu

Yet another Funny Friday Jokes.
Funny but there are truth in it.
I already using Ubuntu.
how about you, do you ubuntu?

get your ubuntu 8.10 kit here.

or download it here.

read more:
Ubuntu Home Page
Ubuntu – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ubuntu Untuk Malaysia

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enjit-enjit semut

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