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Ubuntu Manga comic now in English

Japanese Manga comics are hugely popular in that country and cover just about every topic imaginable from sport, to romance, to business, to games. Now there is a Ubuntu Manga comic – called Ubunchu – which has been translated from the original Japanese into English and focuses on three students getting into Ubuntu in their school computer club.

Originally written by Hiroshi Seo, the comic has now been translated by two ubuntu-jp LoCo members – Fumihito Yoshida and Hajime Mizuno – and DoctorMo into English and released.

The comic can be downloaded as a PDF (4.4MB) and there are also source files for others that want to translate the comic further.

This is not the first time comics have been used to promote open source software. Back in 2005 Schoolnet Namibia created its own series of comics, called Hai Ti!, to encourage students to use open source software.


Download the Manga Comic Here (*.PDF)

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ever wonder how to get a firm mouth and a slim face line ?
It called the “Slim  Mouth Piece” (pronounced  SURIMU-MAUSU-PISU in Japanese).
A japanese company, NOBLE Cosme Manufacturer has come out a device priced at 893 yen (RM33) believe can get a firm mouth and a slim face line by only expanding and contracting your face muscle.

It also comes in three types of strength.

read more:
Noble : Slim Mouth Piece (Japanese)
Noble : Slim Mouth Piece (Tranlated in English)

ps.: really admired the ingenuity of the japanese’s  inventions.

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