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MacBook Pro Laptop

MacBook Pro is perfect for anyone with lightweight laptop that is easy to carry around. The use of aluminum body design is both beautiful and practical. The precision design provides unit a feeling of solidity. Aluminum and glass do not do not use, such as plastic in many other notebooks. Silver matte finish with black keys looks very elegant. The keyboard lights automatically the room so dark light. This is an important, but is useful for select the function keys right after sunset.

LCD screen is really good. MacBook Pro display has a 60% color gamut wider and better than earlier MacBook Pro models in terms of black levels, color depth and accuracy. It’s great to watch movies or view and edit images.

The most prominent feature of MacBook Pro is touch pad. Multi-Touch inputs used to navigate the comfortable and intuitive. It also makes more the surface of the track pad, giving more room to move toes; Click and gesture. And because it supports track pad Multi-Touch Gestures, you can use two fingers to scroll, pinch, rotate, three finger strike, And four fingers to pull, click, double click and drag.

Apple MacBook Pro 13.3-inch laptop is , powered by a 2.26 GHz processor Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB DDR3 RAM can be upgraded to a maximum of 8 GB, a 160GB hard drive and an 8x SuperDrive. Other features include 13.3-inch LED display, NVIDIA GeForce 9400M, Graphics card, backlit keyboard, MagSafe power adapter, Web integrated iSight webcam, microphone, two USB 2.0 ports; one FireWire 800 port and a slot for SD cards.

Apple MacBook model is a reasonable value for money, but cheaper laptops are available. You do not have to worry about using unknown with the Mac OSX operating system. Now you can start to buy mac games online and enjoy mac games, or start your own production music on your MacBook. Since the MacBook Pro is the Intel-based, yet can be used to run Windows applications, applications either through Apple’s Boot Camp or virtual machine software.

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Laptop Computers Revolutions

laptop desktop

Laptops is a computing devices designed primarily to do all the work of computing while on the move, when this device came into operation nearly 20 years ago, it was very complicated and limited to light applications such as using spreadsheets, documents, calendar etc. but over time we are witnessing a major change and technological advancement in the mobile device is portable.

So now fast forward 20 years Laptop Computer is about to replace a desktop PC, laptop and now can run as fast as a server computer with the weight of light as 1/10th of a server on the desktop. We are talking about a lightweight laptop with a weight below 1.2 kg dual core at 5.0 GHz, up to 10 GB of RAM, 500 GB hard drive. A laptop with these specifications can run large mission-critical applications.

This was only possible with the mobile device connected to the Internet. In the mobile computing device or laptop faster and faster and lighter day by day, it became very easy to operate from virtually anywhere. You do not need to get to an office or workplace specific to your office daily work.

The acquisition cost of low price laptops can be as little as $300, online stores are the place to find the most attractive laptop. The only work you have to do is to visit several sites to choose the one that best suits your needs and fit your budget. However, it can be difficult at times because the Internet is awash with sites offering promotions and discounts on computers, so it is a bit confusing and difficult at times.

The big advantage of buying cheap laptops is that you have access to views, comments and ratings from actual users. There are sites of special review of the web to give a true opinion about a particular brand or model. You can also purchase laptops with the leading comparison shopping site you can compare different models of how and based on their functionality, features and price, this is only possible online. Some stores even offers free laptop or free laptop deals . You can choose to stores that sell at a cheaper price sometime they come with a good broadband deals .

World computer makers like Dell, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, Sony sells their laptops directly from their sites, and there are large stores such as NewEgg, Buy.com, Best Buy, PC Connection and Wall Mart. Do not buy from unknown sites, even if you are getting the best deal, because sometimes you can fall into the wrong hands and the information provided, ie your personal information, credit card can be misused.

Large retailers such as Dell, HP offers exceptional and special discount coupons you can save lots of money, it is advisable to keep visiting these sites and subscribe to their weekly or monthly newsletters, which are kept informed through the launch of new subscribers products and upcoming sales, etc. You can also subscribe to websites that offer promotions and coupons from laptop computers, there are literally thousands of data aggregation sites, providing the best deals and coupons on laptops cheap laptops for free.

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Buying a low cost laptop

cheap laptop

It is not a huge surprise to find that many Americans own computers, and many people have more than one. There are certain advantages to access the computer, so that a serious amount of information available in an instant. So if you intend to take advantage of this knowledge, you must have a computer that may suit with you. This usually refers to a laptop computer, you can customize according to their own preferences. However, if you are looking for is just a cheap laptop computer, I can give you advice.

To buy cheap laptops computer, you need to understand the various options and price movements may change these options. Some custom features are: size, hard drive and memory capacity.

It is likely to start buying laptops by identifying the size of the size of the notebook you want to achieve. You see, a lot of people for different reasons, and request your laptop. The smallest notebook on the market currently has 8″ to 9″ screen. This is a very small, but the quality is still very high, everything is easy to see and understand. In general, the smaller the price of the small screen size and vice versa.

Choosing the size of hard disk drive is a very important step. In general, notebook computers more than 4 gigabytes to over a terabyte. The more memory the higher the prices.

Memory is a key component of any computer or laptop computer. The more memory, the more laptops can handle the workload. Basic memory requirements are about 512MB to 1GB. You can search for many website that offer review of cheap laptops one of them is Otaku Gadgets.

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Free Laptop Computer


They are many spammer and hoax emails that claimed they can provide and give away Free Laptops. We have been receiving this types of emails so many time and normally we just ignored them simply because this is might be another spam email. But do you know that such as that program really exist?

When you search the web for Free Laptop Computer or Free Laptops, you will get hundreds or maybe thousands results came out. So which one of the sites listed really offer free laptop?

First thing you need to look for is the deal. Not all programs will straight away give free laptop. Most of them are contest like programs. It means that you need to do something for them before you are entitle to be one the winner for the free laptop. There also sometimes you have to participate in some kind of internet or online activities such as sign up as a site member, forums, provide referrals or exchange for marketing surveys or studies.

You need to understand the rules and regulations of the program thoroughly before start to jump into the program. Most people did not care to read the rules and regulations of programs which later causing them to be disqualified for the free laptop. This kind of programs really existed after all and they do give away free laptop for the lucky winner. All you have to do is working hard for it. That’s all.

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Tiger-Resistant Laptop

BURLINGAME, Calif. — Call it the James Bond of laptops.

We dropped the Panasonic CF-30 “Toughbook,” kicked it, stood on it and tried to back over it with a Volkswagen JettaTDi. (That left a mark–on the pavement.)

We poured Diet Coke on the keyboard. Then we used the lid to crush the can.

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Mac Laptop Transformers

wish that i have one of that. (and hopefully it will not runaway)
cool animation!

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Free Ericsson Laptop

got this email from a friend of mine;

No such things as freebies these days my friends.
It seems too good to be true.
Check out these links:
SonyEricsson: Hoax Competition Email

the Ericsson T18 and Ericsson R320 are cell phones, not a computer.
Moreover, it’s a discontinued model.
Again, the Ericsson R320 is a cell phone, not a computer. And discontinued, to boot!
What gives? The email above is slightly revised version of a nine-year-old hoax promising free phones to frequent forwarders. Though the phrase “computer laptops” has been substituted in the newer variant to reel in more suckers, evidently the anonymous prankster who revised the original couldn’t be bothered to change the model numbers of the supposed promotional items.
The email address to which copies of the forwarded message are supposed to be sent,anna.swelung@ericsson.com, is a corruption of the address specified in the 2000 version of the hoax (anna.swelund@ericsson.com), which, of course, was never valid in the first place.
Excerpt from : http://urbanlegends.about.com/od/internet/a/ericsson_hoax.htm

ps.: Nice graphic work anyway.
pss.: Want A Real Deal on Free Stuff? (Not only Laptops!) Click Here!

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Got this email from exabytes today.
Here goes…

From: Exabytes Network [admin@exabytes.com]
Subject: FW: Exabytes Web Designer’s MacBook Stolen

Dear All,

It is with great sorrow that we announce the loss of our Web Designer’s MacBook which was stolen yesterday (Tuesday), April 28th 2009 at Hongkie Kopitiam @ E-Gate, Penang.

It happened at night – 10.02pm to be exact – where someone from behind snatched the MacBook bag which he put on the floor right next to him, without him noticing since he was chatting with his friend then. When he did eventually realize that his MacBook was missing, he sought for help and saw the whole incident via CCTV.

The relevant information is as follows: White Apple MacBook, laptop Part No. MB061ZP/A and Serial No. W8730S60YA2. Following is the sample picture of the laptop.

If there is any info leading to the missing MacBook, please contact admin@exabytes.com. Exabytes is also offering a RM3000 reward if the laptop is returned in a good condition. We want to see if we can leverage the power of the Internet to help him. Please forward this email to you friends. Thank you.

Let’s all learn from this very unfortunate occurrence. Please don’t leave your personal belongings unsupervised anywhere, anytime.

For more details about this incident, please visit Exabytes blog at http://blog.exabytes.com.my/

For those who in Penang, RM3000 reward are up for grabs.

Now, Super Sleuth are on the case!

moral of the story : always keep eye on your valueable belongings.

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