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Google Development History

A short and brief history of Google Development in 2 minutes and 13 seconds.
Developed by a googler of Google’s London Office in celebration of Google’s 11th Anniversary in last September 2009.

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Where the Hell is Matt?

This guy “Matt” has been travelling all around the world and dancing badly while doing it.
How lucky he is. Travelling around the world. you can read his journal and see his new video at his website Where the Hell is Matt? website

Where the Hell is Matt?

Harding was known by his friends for a particular dance, and while videotaping each other in Vietnam, his travel companion suggested he add the dance. The videos were uploaded to his website for friends and family to enjoy. Later, Harding edited together 15 dance scenes, all with him center frame, with the background music “(Praan)”, a 2008 song by Garry Schyman. The original Song that uses lyrics from a dying Solomon Islandslanguage was recorded in 1971 by a French ethnomusicologist at the Solomon Islands near Papua New Guinea. The Song, Rorogwela, was sung by a young woman named Afunakwa. According to the video “Where the Hell is Afunakwa” by Matt Harding, Afunakwa died in 1998. › Continue reading…

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Zee Avi (left) performing in 2009.

Zee Avi (left) performing in 2009

Zee Avi (born Izyan Alirahman,[1] also known as KokoKaina; b. 1986) is a Malaysian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and ukulele player. She was born in Miri, Sarawak, on the island of Borneo. She moved to Kuala Lumpur when she was 12.[2] She studied fashion design at American InterContinental University in London.[3]

Avi originally posted a video of her first song on YouTube because one of her friends had missed her first performance in Kuala Lumpur, so she created a video on YouTube for him to watch. He convinced Avi to leave the video up, and soon she received positive feedback, which inspired her to put more videos on YouTube.[3] After she was featured YouTube, she attracted the attention of Brushfire Records, with which she would join.[2] Her song “No Christmas For Me” is featured on Brushfire Records‘s 2008 Christmas album This Warm December: A Brushfire Holiday.[4] Her single “Bitter Heart” was first to become available on the US iTunes store, and her full self-titled debut album was released on May 19, 2009. On the day of her album’s release, YouTube featured her on the front page in Spotlight: Music Tuesday. She is currently touring the United States. –wikipedia

Zee Avi's Self Titled Debut Album

Can’t get enough of Zee Avi a.k.a Kokokaina?
Zee Avi’s Official Website
Kokokaina’s Youtube
Zee Avi’s Imeem
Zee Avi’s MySpace

Enjoy her video!
Zee Avi- An Introduction

Zee Avi – Live from and above the Solar Powered Plastic Plant

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Look at this video by EclecticAsylumArt posted at youtube.

Original Monalisa by Leonardo da Vinci

This guy painted the Monalisa only  using MS Paint.

How great he is?

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Geng The Movie Feat Upin & Ipin

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enjit-enjit semut

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